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Year 2010 laptop
Early in 2010, from Intel’s 32nm Arrandele, Netbook and for the new Atom processor family featuring Pine Trail.
In Japan, the products of these new processors will launch the 2010 model in spring as the nation’s companies.

Arrandele is one single package, CPU and GPU of the two products will integrate a single die, Pine Trail is one CPU and GPU on one die and become integrated and materials.
Arrandele will emerge as a Core i5 and Core i3. Performance will vary with the conventional Core 2 Duo.
Atom Pine Trail is a traditional and functional to the same processor. We’ll see how that changed the GPU and memory access.

The new CPU and can be integrated in the chipset, but put it side effects such as power consumption, or to contribute to the overall performance is unclear how much.
Would have the same basic parts, Atom family is functionally I expect that will change. Both have advantages, such as in terms of board space, low-profile product might make a smaller effect.

These, in addition to the attention of an associated processor in Intel x86 processors is not present.
As NVIDIA’s Tegra and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. PDA and Smartphone, Netbook product that you would use the processor in less than a full-fledged year like 2010 will be adopted in various products.

These products processors, much less than 4 million books around the net, it appeared likely to laptop-style products.
Qualcomm is a smart book is called, will be from 2 million 3 million yen or more cheaper ones.
These will be installed in Windows instead, Linux and Ubuntu systems will be Chrome OS.

CPU and OS and that diversification may also come from the notebook market is intensifying.


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