May 082010

Softbank Mobile 8 May 2010, iPad announced that sales in Japan.
iPad Wi-Fi 3G version as well as the iPad Wi-Fi version is also available, sold in mobile phone systems as well as each installment.

The communication fee, 2910 yen a month data subscription plan. Mandatory two-year contract but pay 24 times.
The two types of prepaid. 1,510 yen 100MB version, 1GB version of 4,410 yen.

iPad Data Plan

At least,Softbank PR Information from Twitter, iPad will be sold at Softbank SIM lock version.
What will happen to Apple’s direct sales for or which may not be sold by NTT DoCoMo and other carriers, is currently unknown.

Softbank sold in total, less than that actually paid by the 24th division.
iPad Wi-Fi 3G 16GB 58,320 yen (58,320 yen)
iPad Wi-Fi 3G 32GB 67,920 yen (67,920 yen)
iPad Wi-Fi 3G 64GB 77,280 yen (77,280 yen)
iPad Wi-Fi 16GB 53,280 yen (48,960 yen)
iPad Wi-Fi 32GB 63,360 yen (59,040 yen)
iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 73,200 yen (68,880 yen)
Time lump sum payment parentheses



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