May 112011
NEC VersaPro VT
NEC VersaPro VT

NEC VersaPro VT

NEC on 11th May 2011, announced a new model for business PC’s. ECO button to continue from the previous models, corresponding to a power-saving features such as a few more, enhanced performance and power saving initiatives.

Notebook PC VersaPro Type VD with motion sensors
Business notebook PC will be installed as the nation’s first, equipped with motion sensors. Only when people in front of the PC, that can light up the screen automatically.
Core i7 vPro processor-based and enhanced the basic capabilities.

VersaPro TYPE VX
Enhanced by adopting Core i5. With no keyboard and numeric keypad selectable keypad. Serial port is a standard feature.

Each notebook PC is software that displays the current trends in energy consumption, “Power Show” with.
Peak shift and features that will be available for special software in mid June. Peak shift feature will be supported in some models of the previous models.

VersaPro TYPE VT
10.1 inch touch screen Pure Tablet. Begin offering in September.
Windows 7 Professional, Atom Z670 chip. The battery is removable. Connected to the cradle, external display, keyboard and mouse are also available.

NEC Business PC
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