Jan 252010

UQ Communications January 25, 2010, WiMAX / WiMAX announced that it has acquired a license for small power Repeater comprehensive.
WiMAX repeaters can be used indoors or underground and do not receive radio waves. And installation requirements are currently under consideration.

Integrated household, railroad, and is available available in separation and underground types.

Also, the number of installed base stations to 5,000 stations had also been announced. Initially, the end of fiscal 2009 were 4,000 things that Office 2009 and November 6000 the Department revised upward.
Licensed number of base stations are currently 6,559 stations today.

UQ Communications Announces Comprehensive License Acquisition for Low Power WiMAX/WiMAX Repeater
UQ Communications Announces Achievement of 5,000 Base Stations Installing and Area Expansion

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Dec 182009

WiMAX - UQ Step

UQ Communications, WiMAX’s new price plan “UQ Step” was released.
From 380 yen a month subscription plan and stage 2.

UQ Communications, a company which provides basic WiMAX infrastructure, devices and services to manufacturers discretion MVNO that early.
Among them, MVNO that was particularly in need, and this low rate plan.
This plan limit 4,980 yen (tax included), but other services as well as this limit is reached at around 14MB.
Because broadband, 14MB of flash to achieve it.
General Web site: Looking at the page 10 in this much may be achieved.

In that, one round each month, but if you do not use 380 yen, reaching the limit if you use a little now. This is, for example, if you use even a few days a month, and rate plans may gain such that the user may choose not use a few months.
If you know a few days a month to use, UQ 1Day one of the plan you are better off getting the 500 yen.

WiMAX - UQ Step

In this presentation, but also mentioned the establishment of conditions such as base stations, and radio wave conditions in Tokyo certainly try and actually use that much better.
And base station construction continues, the interior measures be promoted after one year and will be a very useful service.

2010 In January, the computer chip WiMAX with more than 20 models that I look forward to the future.



WiMAXの新料金プラン「UQ Step -2段階定額プラン-」提供開始

Jul 022008

バッファローは2008年6月25日、アイ・オー・データは7月2日、それぞれ次世代Centrino 2対応のSODIMM DDR3メモリを発表した。
DDR3メモリは今のところ価格も高く、どれだけ採用機があるか不明だが、周辺機器として発表されることで、安心してCentrino 2対応機を選べる環境が整いつつある。

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Apr 022008

インテルは2008年4月2日から開催された中国の上海で行われているIDFにおいて、Centrino 2など次世代ノートパソコン戦略などを発表した。
AtomがMIDやUMPCなどで使われるが、通常サイズのノートパソコンなどは次世代モバイル・プラットフォーム、インテルCentrino 2プロセッサー・テクノロジー(開発コード名Montevina)が採用される。
Centrino 2は2008年6月から提供開始され、Wi-Fiに加えて、WiMAXのワイヤレス接続機能がオプションで提供されるなど、無線機能も拡張される。
インテル Centrino Atom プロセッサー・テクノロジーで、新しいモバイル・インターネット体験をポケットサイズに

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Apr 012008

LaVie JのワイヤレスUSB機能として採用されたものの最新版。
「μPD720171」はUSBインプリメンターズ・フォーラムが定めたCertified Wireless USB認証を取得しており、対応機器の製品の認証手続きが簡素化できる。

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