Jun 162014

toshibaP75TOSHIBA June 16, 2014. Announced dynabook Series Web original model.

dynabook P75 151,000 yen
dynabook R73 139,000 yen
dynabook KIRA V83 176,000 yen
dynabook KIRA V63 151,000 yen
dynabook Satellite P54 124,000 yen
dynabook Tab S50/S38 47,500 yen

dynabook Tab has 3 years warranty model.


Nov 082013


November 8, 2013, Acer Japan has announced the W4-820 Iconia which was equipped with Windows 8.1 in the 8-inch LCD. Will be released mid-December. Price 40,000 yen.

Atom Z3740 1.3GHz, Memory 2GB, Strage 64GB.

Iconia W4-820/FP Microsoft Office Personal 2013
Iconia W4-820/FH Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013

Sep 242013

September 23, 2013, Microsoft was holding an event in New York. Publish Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2.
Reservations will start from September 24, to be released on October 22.

America, UK, Australia, to launch in October 22, Hong Kong and Europe. I will be released in China in November.
Launch in Japan has not been announced, but this time, likely to be announced later this month.

In this announcement, Surface RT, which was announced last year as sales continued lower model.
Surface 2 comes up as the next model of Surface RT, I will be Surface Pro 2 is positioned as the next model of the Surface Pro.

Be released
Surface RT $ 348
Surface 2 $ 449
Surface Pro 2 $ 899

Surface 2 is equipped with a Tegra 4 of NVIDIA. LCD full HD.
With a fourth-generation Core i5, 60% improvement in the battery life, Surface Pro 2 corresponding 8GB memory, and 512GB SSD.

Accessories have also been reinforced.

Microsoft unveils Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and new accessories