Apr 172010

NEC’s Aterm WM3300R UQ WiMAX-enabled mobile router purchased.
Already, UQ WiMAX services are used. Are currently using, Lenovo’s WiMAX modules already built ThinkPad T400s. Module also has a USB type. Non-PC devices WiFi, WiMAX is the best use of infrastructure, why buy it.

20,000 yen less than actual sales. Of April 2010, low price of 16,500 yen.
NEC Aterm WM3300R

NEC Aterm WM3300R

This product is a wireless LAN router, wireless connectivity to various devices. UQ WiMAX connection to the Internet only. In other words, UQ WiMAX If you can not connect to most products do not mean anything.

Currently, UQ’s WiMAX is growing areas around the city. Of course, many local areas where it is not. My range of activities that are in almost every area. Area, PC drivers for quality, including quality and improves every day, which is capable of withstanding the practical thing.

The setup was terrible.
UQ WiMAX services to subscribers, so that should be added to the registration equipment. Of course, UQ WiMAX need to do is pick up a signal where, and why is my environment, UQ WiMAX is hard to connect to.
In fact, WM3300R have come to the radio antenna. Lead in time where ThinPad T400s, but for some reason an error trying to connect. Trying to connect from outside it good reception. Still error.
Repeat for two hours and that, luckily able to connect. Why?

In this connection, a request for additional options and equipment 200 yen a month.
Then, WM3300R why can not you try to connect to the Internet through. Appear disconnected and the Internet.
And review the settings, such as restarting a lot to do, do not connect to the Internet.
Done as a last resort after about three hours this setting back to factory condition, and redo the initial setup, why could connect without any problems.

But not sure what went wrong, to be able to use, it took about five hours.

Connection, if possible, a typical wireless LAN can be used as a router. Of course speed is faster, a bit-level ADSL.
To test the performance of the handover, while trying to go fast. WiMAX built-in PC stability similar to that of modules that can be used safely if I have received a signal. However, for example, Softbank 3G iPhone and use the line, WiMAX experience in using the difference in speed, feel too much. However, iPod touch, as the line is used in 3G handsets, it can be very helpful to use the connection anywhere.

Battery duration is less than approximately four hours off and then use that sometimes. In general, the morning went out from many of you will come back that night, standing where you want the two extra batteries. One battery Genuine 5,000 yen and expensive.

L50 Sanyo digital camera battery, so the same specifications, and that can also use it. But Sanyo’s battery life is 5,000 yen. Then come the battery is compatible, this is one from 1,000 yen. In Akihabara and are sold at 2,000 yen or less. While 20 percent recognized the danger, if sold at moderate prices, will buy a battery that is compatible with human nature.

The body heat. The winter looks pretty good so warm in summer could be quite painful.

Sensitivity of the radio and the antenna is optimized PC with built-inferior to that. The indoor radio is barely noticeable, especially that. Of course, we can also use that in the window, it is best used where it is difficult using such waves to penetrate.

The settings are perplexed, less than four hours on battery, and moderate fever, the battery must be transformed into pure mind that it is expensive, Wi-Fi Internet connection can create the environment where it is one of the best equipment.

Apr 062010

Choose mobile router, the product selected communication modules to connect to the router.
In addition, the product has a built-module communication.

e-mobile Pocket WiFi D25HW

These so-called SIM locked and in other communications services are unavailable.
Of course, SIM unlocked some of the products. Except for WiMAX.

The readily available in Japan MiFi 2372. Which basically MiFi Tri-band HSUPA / HSDPA – 850/1900/2100 MHz are supported. Japan’s data communication network can be connected to technical.

Of course, Japan has a variety of authentication is necessary, a2network to start saying that because domestic sales and, things would be okay to get legal.

MiFi in the SIM card is needed, or where the best SIM?
For now, DoCoMo uses the area, the strongest area in Japan. Two-year contract, but minimum 0 + 945 yen, The highest monthly rate 945 + 5985 yenWILLCOM CORE 3G interest.

Apr 032010

Typically, USB type data communication module and is assuming that you use to connect your computer directly.
The router can be connected directly to a USB communication module and type. Built-in battery and WiFi, you carry the router, it becomes a hot spot. If you connect to WiFi router will handle a variety of Internet devices.
That mobile router.

Currently, three main products are as follows.

covia CMR-250
cradlepoint PHS-300

Beyond that, some were associated with external battery. Given the time of the operation are more suitable for built-in battery.

Notice that communication module that supports the Where spare batteries and battery life, charging time. Price. The stability.

It seems that many things to see and experience habit. Covia good reputation in the net like a CMR-250.
The price is 14,000 yen. Meanwhile, PLANEX of CQW-MRB 11000 yen, the price itself is cheaper CQW-MRB.
If the battery will be driving a long time, but things can be diverted using a Fujifilm digital camera, or which can be used, as well as attention to the safety of the battery compatibility.

After all, if you want to use in Japan and covia of CMR-250 is safe.