Jun 052014


June 5, 2014, Apple announced that the Apple Store, Omotesando will open at 10am June 13 on site it was under construction on the east side of Omotesando Hills.

It is Grand Opening of as being performed.

4-2-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

business hours
10:00 am ~ 9:00 pm Monday to Sunday

Apple Store, Omotesando

May 292014

ASUS is an event the day before the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014, which kicks off on June 3, 2014.
Events of the previous day has become a usual practice in previous years, it’s place of unveiling of various products to launch worldwide in the second half of the year.

I do not know what will come out in this year’s event. It is published as a teaser ad this video into blender words “The Next Incredible Thing”, smartphones, tablets, laptops. This is going to be a hint.



The event starts from 14:00 June 2nd time in Taiwan. ASUS appeared to also perform streaming.

ASUS Event

May 142014

May 14, 2014, Lenovo has announced that it will transfer to NEC personal computer, the service and repair of Android tablet that was put to Lenovo Customer Support Center within the company.

Android OS tablet equipped with Lenovo, which announced in May since 2014 corresponds to the new NEC personal computer Gunma workplace in “Lenovo tablet Support Service”.

By NEC is responsible for service representative, with the aim of improving delivery times and improve quality of repair.

NEC Personal Computer

May 022014

May 1, 2014, Microsoft has released a constant exception of the security information about the MS14-021 vulnerability problem of Internet Explorer.
Support for Windows XP has been completed this time, but the update program for Windows XP has also been delivered in special from high-impact.

Japanese Official Information
セキュリティ情報 MS14-021

セキュリティ アドバイザリ (2963983) の脆弱性を解決する MS14-021 (Internet Explorer) を定例外で公開

マイクロソフト セキュリティ アドバイザリ 2963983 Internet Explorer の脆弱性により、リモートでコードが実行される

[FAQ まとめ] セキュリティ アドバイザリ 2963983 – Internet Explorer の脆弱性により、リモートでコードが実行される
[回避策まとめ] セキュリティ アドバイザリ 2963983 – Internet Explorer の脆弱性により、リモートでコードが実行される