Jan 202010

WiMAX service around the world have begun.
Go to the U.S. from Japan, for example, rather than you are used to UQ, Clear if you connect to a WiMAX is going to be some sort of connection tools to connect.
Should broaden.
The tool, Intel and manufactured goods, things like that and provide a unique, but each manufacturer, Lenovo’s ThinkPad Access Connections is a standard and to a lesser degree of caution in the completion.

Usually, Access Connections can do anything if it captures the screen of the radio, WiMAX at UQ’s WiFi radio that picks up near you, WiMAX is the only not so easy.

2010 at least one version is being offered in January, UQ are they using, Clear If I try to connect to, unless the wide scan, Clear can not find a radio.
Conversely, Clear use, UQ-wide scan also be connected to when you will pick up radio UQ.

Incidentally, that normally use UQ, Clear only in the state pick up the radio, it automatically tries to connect to UQ, then do not connect to Clear fails.

In short, Access Connections made aware of a lesser evil.


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