May 072013

DisplaySearch research firm in the United States (NPD DsiplaySearch) has published a market forecast for mobile PC.
The market trend of mobile PC such as a laptop, including a tablet, according to this, world shipments in 2012 was 300 million 67.6 million units, but 700 million 62.7 million units to expand in 2017.

About 200 million units a 10% decline in the previous year but (200 million 3.3 million units), the laptop will be 180 million units strength to (100 million 83.3 million units) to 2017, even while reducing the number slightly in 2013 expected that.
Meanwhile, tablets grow to more than twice the current.

Tablet PCs and Touch Adoption Expected to Drive Mobile PC Shipments Through 2017, According to NPD DisplaySearch


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