Sep 042013

September 3, 2013, Microsoft acquired the devices and services business of Nokia, Nokia patents and map service license Microsoft.
In this acquisition, Nokia and Microsoft is promoting collaboration from 2011, but due to the expansion of the Windows Phone business, it is one step from Microsoft to full-scale terminal business.

Cost of such acquisition is approximately 5.44 billion €.
According to the report, such as Finantial Times, for example, is squeeze from idle funds in the offshore, there is almost no impact accounting basis by smooth grandfather Island care business of Microsoft for this fund.

Apple will expand the hard and OS in-house, Google even as the acquisition of Motorola. Microsoft also incorporated into their own mobile phone business, relying on other companies mobile phone business, which is important in the hard business OS and future you will be able to deploy in-house without.

However, employees will increase 18,000 people, there is also a business not related to Windows Phone, such as such as Asha’s acquisitions can not be optimistic.

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s devices & services business, license Nokia’s patents and mapping services


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