May 022014

May 2, 2014. Sony and Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), has announced that it is scheduled to start operations from July 1 as the VAIO Corporation PC business.

VAIO Corporation
Start of business: July 1, 2014 (Scheduled)
5432 Toyoshina, Azumino-shi, Nagano, Japan
Capital 1,000 million yen
Ownership: JIP 95%, Sony 5%
Representative: Takayuki Sekitori, Representative Director and President
Empolyees Approximately 240

Sony and Japan Industrial Partners’ Special Purpose Company
Sign Definitive Agreements for the Sale of PC Business

May 022014

sony fi 20134q

May 1, 2014, Sony has downgraded its forecasts (April 2013-March 2014) 2013.
It was a consolidated deficit of 110 billion yen conventional, it is 130 billion yen increase 20 billion yen.

This, after it was announced in February the withdrawal of PC business, sales fell below expectations. In addition, it was ahead of schedule recorded restructuring charges.
Due to reasons such as, increased 30 billion yen.

Financial results for 2013 will be announced on May 14, 2014.

Sony Release

Feb 222014

Bloomberg has reported February 22, 2014 Microsoft is down 70% license fee in Windows, and to $ 15.
Price cut to $ 15 from $ 50. Applies to Windows based PC and Tablet to be sold for $ 250 less.

Originally, the price of Windows that Microsoft is licensed to PC makers such as has not been published.
Rumor was the conventional $100, and be in the $ 50 low-cost products with the advent of the netbook. But the price depending on the contract with the PC manufacturers.
However, it seems to have been the price of this degree approximate.

Currently, to combat low-cost products, such as Android Tablet, Chromebook of Google and iOS. OS price pressure had intensified from PC makers.

Microsoft Said to Cut Windows Price 70% to Counter Rivals

Feb 072014

Satya nadella

February 4, 2014, Microsoft announced that it has appointed Mr. Satya Nadella to the company’s new CEO.
Bill Gates (Bill Gates) chairman was appointed founder and technology advisor. It will be engage in Microsoft than before.
John Thompson was a senior outside director appointed the chairman.

Announced Steve Ballmer is the new CEO will retire After the inauguration in August 23, 2013.
Over a period of about six months, was looking for a new CEO from inside and outside the company. Become a form that was born from the company in the end.
Sathya Nadera joined Microsoft in 1992, Served and the service sector and server.

Under the new CEO rich experience, such as the service sector, Microsoft would be to change to the Devices & Services Company.

Microsoft Board names Satya Nadella as CEO
CEO Satya Nadella

Feb 062014

February 6, 2014, Sony has announced that it entered into a confirmation intention to transfer to Japan Industrial Partners, Inc., the PC business in the VAIO brand.
Conclude by the end of March 2014 the definitive agreement.

current basic understanding (from Press Release)

The new company will conduct operations for its VAIO-branded PC business as an independent business entity, including planning, design, development, manufacturing and sales.
Following reevaluation of the product lineup, the new company will initially concentrate on sales of consumer and corporate PCs in the Japanese market and seek to optimize its sales channels and scale of operations, while evaluating possible further geographic expansion. Through these measures, the new company will aim to quickly secure stable profit.
The new company will be based at the Nagano Technology Site (Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture), the hub of Sony’s current PC operations. At the start of operations, the new company is expected to hire approximately 250 to 300 Sony employees currently engaged in PC-related operations, such as planning, design, development, manufacturing and sales at Sony and Sony Group companies in Japan.
The new company will be established and operated with capital investment from and management support of JIP. Sony will initially invest 5% of the new company’s capital to support its launch and facilitate a smooth business transition.
The parties will continue to discuss the consideration for the contemplated Sale, which will depend on the full scope of assets to be sold as finally determined in the definitive agreement.

Sony and Japan Industrial Partners Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Sale of PC Business

Japan Industrial Partners