Sep 112012

I purchased immediately after the announcement, Retina MacBook Pro was adopted was announced in June 2012.
Always worrying about when you buy a new product, it is the capacity of the storage. New products can not be selected only from the SSD, especially a problem when compared to the cost of a conventional HDD, and the large capacity.

Apr 092010

I want the iPad.
I thought I want this product because it will be summer 2008 before the rumor of this product. The iPhone 3G is purchased in June 2008. actually use the iPhone, Apple’s touch screen interface is wonderful too. Apple has applied this tablet PC to make sure, and we were waiting to launch.

This will be available in the iPad, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G version.
64GB internal memory is determined. The problem is Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G version that you buy either version.
The WiMAX version to choose, not to hope for now.

Surprisingly this version of the 3G, SIM unlocked version is available as, 3G will say things that do not require long-term contract agreements. In addition, AT & T also charges, US $ 29.99 per month up to a relatively low setting.
Such a setup fee, but I’m not sure that is also available in other countries, do not expect that things will probably similar.

This will eliminate the network connection is always trouble abroad.
Of course, iPad only available. However, just like when you are in Japan, will be able to connect to the internet anywhere, anytime is a great advantage.

So, up to 64GB of memory built-in 3G + Wi-Fi version of the iPad want.