Feb 092010

NVIDIA Optimus Technology

NVIDIA – February 9, 2010, NVIDIA Optimus Technology announced.

The NVIDIA Optimus Technology, GPU technologies for automatic switching.
When you start the software, GPU will be switched on automatically. Use of any software or GPU, which is recorded in the profile. Profile will be updated automatically.

Supported platforms
Intel Core i3, i5, i7 (Arrandale), Core 2 Duo (Penryn), Atom N4xx (Pine Trail)
GPU is NVIDIA’s GeForce 300M, 300M and the next generation and next-generation GeForce M and next-generation ION

NVIDIA Optimus Technology

The idea is that, NVIDIA also be using the GPU, the Intel GPU will be output through the image. In this case, NVIDIA set the output image intact, and no delay.
But when switching GPU and blackouts, and can also manually switch between GPU.

If Optiums optimized, the controller software can also GPU switching.

Corresponding OS is Windows 7.

ASUS products being announced for the UL50Vf and 2010, the product will arrive this summer for more than 50 models.



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