Oct 212010

Apple is October 20, 2010 (local time) announced the new MacBook Air.
Apple iPhone and iPad and learning from App Store, multi-touch and many other things, it utilizes the new OS Mac OS X Lion in the summer of 2011, plans to Release. Corresponding to the new OS, the new Mac looks to be the first of the product.

Features of the new MacBook Air, HDD and optical drives do not, thin, long battery life terms.
Two models are available, 13.3 inch and 11.6 inches. 13.3-inch model in the wireless LAN using 7 hour battery life and 11.6-inch model is available for 5 hours under the same conditions.
Standby time 30 days, but that, using a deep sleep.

Each Core 2 Duo, GPU on the NVIDIA GeForce 320M, SSD mounted. SSD is not a conventional HDD-compatible form for the exchange difficult.

Screen Resolution is 13.3 inch 1440×900. 11.6 inch 1366×768. wight 1.32kg and 1.06kg.
Memory 2GB standard, Max 4GB 10,800 yen。
CPU is 11.6 inch 1.4GHz to 1.6GHz 9,765yen. 13.3 inch 1.86GHz to 2.16GHz 9,450 yen.

MacBook Air 13.3 inch Max 168,330 yen.

MacBook Air itself is a significant change was the first time. The new SD card slot, maybe a big change since it was mono to stereo speakers.

11.6 1.4GHz 64GB $999 88,800 yen
11.6 1.4GHz 128GB $1199 108,800 yen
13.3 1.86GHz 128GB $1299 118,800 yen
13.3 1.86GHz 256GB $1599 148,800 yen

MacBook Air


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