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Appeared in the summer of 2011 Mac OS X Lion and, MacBook Air was announced on October 20, 2010. MacBook series can be expected in the future

As a major trend is enhanced battery life, HDD and optical drive replaced by new technology, higher screen resolution and thinner and lighter.
In addition, also the direction that has been seen lower prices.
Not seem to have a future, treat it like interface touch screen.

Former MacBook Air (13 inch), it was a five hour battery life, basic performance is enhanced 1.4 times to seven hours.
HDD and SSD was equipped with, SSD was the only. The SSD uses a slender shape of its own, which also contributed to the design itself.
The optical drive is not the same but with the traditional products with a relatively small 13-inch class LCD is probably no longer be possible with optical drive.

The optical drive can no longer installed, DVD video and music CD for viewing and will require an external drive. Disk media such as Apple was over, we would have become more mainstream distribution network.
The optical drive may become unusable in earnest in the future.

It is equipped with Blu-ray are unlikely anytime soon, maybe not in the future.

Using optical media delivery software is also decreased, Mac App Store by low-cost software is also easier to monetize than 1000 yen, that may be streamed over the internet can be an expensive thing.

Being a high-resolution LCD, and software design, but will have the character as being too small, because the usability of information would contribute more.

In 2011, Sandy Bridge Intel’s new architecture was adopted MacBook series appeared. Or high-end MacBook Pro will be equipped with an optical drive, HDD is what happens the first place, the MacBook Pro line of what will become of such interest is exhausted.
However, as a hint that MacBook Air was announced today.


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