Jan 262013

In CES 2013 which took place in Las Vegas, Samsung has released an organic EL display can be bent.
Display to turn itself has been developed by various companies such as LCD and electronic ink. It is not something unusual.
However, the application of an organic EL display product Bending Samsung, things were expected to be popular in the future product development.

Because even can be bent, there is a battery or other electronic circuits, displays a bent, can not bend the entire final product. Not so much by means of bending technology was exhibited until now.
This time, Samsung has to display some aspects from the surface of the smartphone in the state in which the liquid crystal bending.

It makes sense that I would turn this state, the information is displayed to the side, and then applied to a laptop or tablet, likely born in the width of the additional leverage.

I hope in future product development.



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