Jan 302013

January 29, 2013, Apple added a 128GB version of the 9.7-inch iPad.
Released on February 5.
Wi-Fi version is 66,800 yen, Wi-Fi + Cellular model price 77,800 yen.

There is no change in price of conventional capacity version, Wi-Fi model 16GB 42,800 yen, 32GB 50,800 yen, 64GB 58,800 yen. Wi-Fi + Cellular mode l16GB 53,800 yen, 32GB 61,800 yen, 64GB 69,800 yen.

Price difference has become a reasonable thing to suit your capacity.

In the United States, the price of Wi-Fi version is $ 799, Wi-Fi + Cellular is $ 929.

Price in Japan is a tax, before-tax price of Wi-Fi version is 63,619 yen. Apple $1 exchange is $ 79.62.
Apple $1 Exchange version of Wi-Fi + Cellular is 79.76 yen.

Very good pricing in Japan today. There is a difference between the actual exchange.



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