May 072014

Google and Intel has announced a number of Chromebook and Bay Trail-M and Haswell support.
Conventional Chromebook is use low performance CPU.
New products with high performance equipped with a Bar Trail-M base Core i3, and long battery life. Product of the form factor of the clam shell other than appear many.

The main product that has been announced today
Adopt Celeron brand of Bay Trail-M. Battery life appeared Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba from products of 11 hours.
From Dell and Acer, Core-i3 based products of 4th generation Core processor family comes up.
These products are sold towards the end of the year in the fall, it has become from about $ 250.

On the other, such as LG Chromebase of integrated display and HP Chromebox be connected to the display will be launched between May-June.
In addition, Lenovo will release some products was adopted YOGA hinge.

New Chromebooks: in more shapes, sizes and colors Google
Intel Architecture Fuels New Wave of Chrome Devices Intel


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