最初のMacintoshは1984年1月24日にMacintosh 128Kとして登場。NFLの決勝となるSuper Bowl XVIIIが行われた1月22日には1984のコマーシャルも放映されるなど、PC史を塗り替えた製品となっている。



ちなみに日本では、1985年にMacintosh 512Kに漢字ROMを搭載したDynaMacをキヤノン販売(現キヤノンマーケティングジャパン)が提供していた。

Thirty Years of Macmac30th1

Apple opened its 30th anniversary site to January 24, 2014 to become the 30th anniversary of Mac.
Macintosh first appeared as the Macintosh 128K on January 24, 1984. Commercial of 1984 was also aired on January 22 Super Bowl XVIII that has been carried out. It is a product that has redesigned PC history.

At the site to commemorate this, it is possible to watch video and user talk about how to take advantage of the current, and timeline of each product from the situation at the time.

Form that accepts a Mac for the first time are also available.

Each model is dispersed in the January 25th article of the time of writing. Product of five years or so it seems a lot since its release.


Incidentally in Japan, Canon Sales(now Canon Marketing Japan) was providing a DynaMac equipped with Kanji ROM in Macintosh 512K in 1985.

Thirty Years of Mac