Dec 312009

ASUS Eee PC 2009 was revised in December prices.
List price of new and old products and the following revised

Eee PC 1005HR-WS 49,800 yen to 47,800 yen
Eee PC 1005HE-WS250 46,800 yen to 44,800 yen
Eee PC 1005HE-WS160 44,800 yen to 42,800 yen
Eee PC 1101HA-WP 54,800 yen to 49,800 yen
Eee PC 1101HA 49,800 yen to 44,800 yen
Eee PC 1101HA with Office 57,800 yen to 52,800 yen


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