Jan 282010

2010 Acer Japan Kick off meeting

Acer Japan, January 27, 2010, the press and for 2010 Acer Japan Kick Off Meeting was held.
In its 2009 market share in laptops in 2010 was No.2 to No.1, 2011 Japan’s market share was No.5, 2012 was the No.1 market share in PC goal will be announced did.

2010 Acer Japan Kick off meeting

Acer in 2009, overtook the share of DELL. Acer laptop in the world market, ranked second. 1st place HP.
Japanese market share in 2011 to about 9%. The goal is become the first five.
To do this, put into the year 2008 netbook (below 10.1 type), was launched in 2009 with ULV (11.0 to 13 light notebook type), in addition to the main stream in 2010 to introduce 15.6-type products.

2010 Acer Japan Kick off meeting

Currently, the mainstream products from major manufacturers and the country is 100,000 yen pricing in the middle, with comparable performance to introduce this product less than 100,000 yen.
This is the average price in the world. Japanese brands in overseas markets, Acer is selling a comparable product and pricing products.

Acer is in the Japanese market, many high-priced products, products with a high sense of value in increasing the share of the year 2010.
So, in addition to price and performance, it will also focus on and support.







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