Feb 052010

Onkyo January 21, 2010, AM / FM radio and supports notebooks, announced four series.
AM / FM radio and full segment digital ground tv-tuner support, AV-oriented laptop.

Each tuner Onkyo original. TV tuner card miniB-CAS adopted.
miniB-CAS card, mobile phone SIM card and the same physical shape. Leverage industry-standard technologies in each member. Lower cost, which provides a sense of high-value products.

R5 Series
Adopted a 15.6-inch LCD, Core i3 model is 84,800 yen. Core i7, Digital TV Model place at 129,800 yen.


M5 Series
13.3-inch widescreen LCD, with optical drives. From 70,000 yen


M3 Series
Simple products with 11.6-inch LCD. 60,000 yen


C4 Series
With 10.1-inch LCD, FM / AM tuner model choice. 50,000 yen.




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