Feb 162010

February 16, 2010 Sony, VAIO Z series announced.
VAIO Z Series, aluminum enclosures and shaving, and adopted a new design that combines carbon fiber baking sheet.

VAIO Z Series 2010 released on March 06, around 240,000 yen
Core i-series CPU, NVIDIA’s GPU chip, which is also compatible with the recently released Optimus Technology, GPU can be switched automatically.

VAIO E Series VPCEB18FJ/W B P L 160,000 yen.
VAIO E Series VPCEB17FJ/W B P L 140,000 yen.
February 2010 27 on Sale
15.5-inch widescreen LCD (1366 × 768) with a product. Such as a TV tuner, but top model with a Blu-ray drive.




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