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ASUS Slate

Since June 01, 2010 Computex TAIPEI the beginning, the day before, MSI, NVIDIA, ASUS and held a conference.
Featured here is the major product manufacturers.

The MSI Wind Pad or terminal Slate, 3D Browse a wide range of products and technology with the product.
The NVIDIA 3D graphics technology, such as the heart. About Tegra no examples only lightly touched.
The ASUS, Eee Pad Eee Tablet and other devices in addition to Slate, PC gaming and high-quality products and sound obsessed.

MSI WindPad

Two years ago, Netbook was the center of attention. This makes the price of computers down at once, spread the width of the user. Slate came ahead of a terminal of the system.
The leading products of this genre that reached 200 million units sold in the country for the limited release of almost two months to hit in the iPad, Slate, one thing is certain topic terminals.
However, none of the products are in development now, as well as hit store shelves a few months, iPad perfection than it is difficult to say.

For example, ASUS’s EP101TC Pad Eee is New Tegra adopted, OS to Windows Embedded Compact 7 (demo machine Build 1344 on May 28, 2010 ) adopted. Hardware itself is incomplete, the state was not working well this software.
iPad has been achieved for the operation of the touch panel, OS running on AsusShell (file name) of the software. This in itself is no comment on the ASUS.
The goal of that battery life is 6 to 10 hours, they are still developing.
Apart from this, full-featured Windows, Core 2 Duo equipped with Eee Pad EP121 also seems to introduce. This is usually a tablet version of Windows based laptop, the keyboard and the LCD is out of the product.

MSI’s Wind Pad seems to be a Windows system and provides system Android. Thus, the terminal stage companies seeking Slate, iPad not come to say what will happen to the level of competition.
The problem is more than the hardware itself, Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, iTunes terms of what will happen against things such as a series of platforms.
Hardware companies apart, OS and for Microsoft or Google, OS interface objects can run on your own company. Way things are going rather than to rival Apple’s iPad may be difficult to catch up.

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