Apr 282011

Monday, April 26, 2011 Sony, the Sony IT Mobile Meeting held in Tokyo, Android-powered devices Sony Tablet Tablet announced.

Equipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, Android 3.0, which incorporates the basic information has been published. All other details are unknown. Will be released in fall 2011.

Intended for home use code-named S1. 9.4 inches front and rear mounted camera. Also includes WiFi and WAN. Design uses gravity to one side of the center of gravity changes, can have stable or even with one hand like a magazine.
Assumes the use of portable code-named S2. The folding, includes two 5.5-inch screen. The camera mounted on the front and rear. “In order to achieve the ultimate mobile experience, arrived in this folded form an optimal way to pursue it.”

Both are compatible with PlayStation Suite. Enjoy the original PlayStation controller to operate the software on-screen titles.

Moreover, VAIO model also with the future of the Ultimate Mobile PC, Free Style Hyblic PC was released in two models. Undisclosed information.

Ultimate Mobile PC

Free Style Hyblid PC

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