Apr 292011

April 27, 2011 Intel, the second generation Intel held a press conference in Tokyo to start off with a smooth family of products Core processor, Oak Trail generation and Atom Z670 appeal.

Which was launched in January 2011 Sandy Bridge generation Intel Core i-generation Core 2 processor family that the problem was discovered at the end of a chipset in April, in the Japanese market 24% of shipments (netbook Except, etc.) announced that the well becomes elongated.

Atom processors on the CPU earlier than conventional power consumption Atom 1/10, the next generation in a platform-level power to 1/50.
Leakage current 32nm version, 1/10, 22nm version is a low-power transistors can be activated 1/2, for example, by improving the density, and explain what is to have both performance and power consumption. To smart phones and tablet products that appeal to adopt Atom processors.

Following the Fab 22nm, 14nm in Fab also announced that Arizona is scheduled for completion in 2013.

For the Atom Z670, Core CPU and chipset as (Intel SM35 Express) in two-chip, CPU side to 2GB of DDR2-800 memory, the chipset in SDIO, SATA and corresponding.

Atom N455 and while performance is comparable to half the power consumption.

Full HD, Blu-ray compatible playback on here WiDi Intel demonstrated Bluy-ray playback WiDi

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