May 012011

April 21, 2011 Fujitsu, LIFEBOOK enterprise in the series, the peak shift and respond to, AC power to the adapter to zero as possible, zero watts AC power adapter to be announced.

The peak shift, Lenovo’s ThinkPad and Toshiba dynabook enterprise was also introduced, such as zero watts AC adapter is not in the other feature.

Laptops generally 100% internal battery capacity is always trying to maintain.
This is even when the power supply OFF ON is also the same time.
Fujitsu this product, ECO Sleep feature using a feature, battery capacity setting (usually 100%) unless reduced to 10%, was not charged.
This means that 90 percent of the battery charge until.
In addition, the AC adapter zero watts, this power OFF state when the charge does not seem to be, AC adapters to reduce power consumption.

Typically, 100% of battery capacity to maintain, 0.2W of power to be approximately zero watts 0.0015W AC adapter and power becomes nearly zero.

In large companies, using a laptop computer 1000, such as the power supply plugged it into the night while still OFF, 0.2W × 1000 200W in a consuming thing.
In other words, it comes to power consumption as a refrigerator. By using this new product, this is a 1.5W power consumption becomes almost zero.

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