Intelは2009年12月21日、次期Atom Platformを公開した。
従来Pine Trailと呼ばれていた、CPUとチップセットの機能が一体化したAtom N450やD410、D450で、2010年1月4日に対応システムが公開される。

CPUはPineview、チップセットにTiger Pointで、合わせてPine Trailとなり、NetbookやNettopに使われるシステム。



Intel Announces Next-Generation Atom PlatformDecember 21, 2009 Intel’s forthcoming Atom Platform was released.
Was previously known as Pine Trail, CPU integrated chip set features Atom N450 and D410, D450 in January 04, 2010.

The CPU Pineview, Tiger Point in chipsets, according Nearby Pine Trail, Netbook and Nettop system to be used.
Intel said the announcement from the 20% that of conventional systems and a longer battery life.
Intel’s first chip for the GPU and CPU functions.


Intel has released a video this seems netbooks and Fujitsu.

Intel Announces Next-Generation Atom Platform