スマートフォン向けの最新バージョンはAndroid 2.3 コード名Gingerbreadだが、しばらく用途向けにバージョン違いの2つが存在することになる。これが統合されるかどうかは不明。



現在SamsunのGalaxy Tabなどが市場に投入されているが、OSやアプリの対応が不十分で単なるでかいAndroidマシンとなっている。

ASUS、AcerなどPC系の大手企業も春頃にはAndroid 3.0対応端末を投入すると思われ、ようやくiPad以外の何かが本格化していきそうだ。Google, February 02, 2011, Android’s new version 3.0 of the briefing. Honeycomb code name, and primarily for a tablet device and the OS.

The latest version of the code name for the Gingerbread smartphone Android 2.3, but there will be two different versions of applications for a while. Whether it is integrated is unknown.


Android for smartphones have a hardware button. Was found to affect the deployment and ease of use are different for each device. 3.0 and omit the hardware button, it is understood that part related to improvements in hardware design.

The Galaxy Tab Samsun are currently on the market and others. However, OS and applications with insufficient support greater Android has become a mere machine.
iPhone and iPad basic UI is the same, and which offers app. Tablet or slate, called the market, the situation is a winner.

ASUS, Acer and PC-based major companies in the spring plans to introduce Android 3.0 handsets. Android is finally going to full-fledged tablet or slate.