Apple 2012年度第3四半期(2012年4月から6月)の業績を発表Apple Reports Third Quarter Results



OS X Lionは7月25日に発売する。

PCの成長は現在鈍化傾向にあるが、Apple製品はその中でも唯一成長していたが、その成長も鈍化傾向にある。特にiMacの投入が遅れたことが影響しているようで、6月中旬よりMacBook AirやMacBook Proを発売したが、それほど貢献していないことがわかる。


July 24, 2012 Apple announced the results (from April to June 2012) the company’s fiscal 2012 third quarter.
Revenue (in parentheses is the same period last year) is ($ 286 billion), net income ($ 7.3 billion), $ 9.32 in earnings per share ($ 7.79), non-sales ratio of U.S. $ 8.8 billion $ 35 billion market was 62%.
To conduct a quarterly dividend of $ 2.65 per share.

Apple’s growth has been supported by the iPad and iPhone, the number itself, but also increased Mac, that growth has slowed compared to traditional know.
Although the growth of PC in the current slowdown, Apple product, but only had grown Among them, also tend to slow down its growth. The delay in the introduction of iMac seems to be particularly affected, but was released the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air from mid-June, so that it does not contribute is understood.

However, as you can see the achievements of the past, because the number of sales of Apple and timing vary depending on product introductions, the next quarter, such as Europe and the United States back-to-school season, the next step is to season the end of the year will result in further different would.