DELL Graphic Proシリーズを国内展開DELL Graphic Pro Series in Japan


DELLは2013年2月26日、画像や動画編集に強いPC「Dell Graphic Proシリーズ」を国内展開する。




2月26日から4月15日まで、Dell Graphic Proシリーズの対象機種購入でAdobe Photoshop Elements 10 & Adobe Premier Elements 10がついてくるセールが開催される。

February 26, 2013, DELL has announced that it will expand in Japan PC “Dell Graphic Pro Series” strong in image and video editing.
It is not a new product category that you have made the traditional Precision, XPS, the Inspiron. Spec products are strong, are included in this series to edit images and videos from the previous models.

When compared to other models, high CPU performance, memory, and screen resolution. I also can be ordered at the time of order software Adobe.

Campaign to win a prize, such as up to 1 million yen as the birth of the campaign will be held this series.