Jan 092010

UQ in Japan, and in the U.S. Clear has been providing mobile WiMAX service.
Since 2009 WiMAX services in Japan has begun and is spreading around the metropolitan area. Service area is expanding in the U.S..

Every January, the electronics of the CES Convention in Las Vegas is huge, and attracts people from around the world.
What if the ad because it provides this service in Las Vegas, Clear seemed to strengthen the service area, including the hotel.

Did not know before coming to Las Vegas, the fact that international roaming is not yet started. That level seems to be something within the year, CES in late to the pain.

Roaming is not, here is a new contract that he would probably be possible, try to find a radio.
As built-in WiMAX module to check the status of the PC, did not receive radio waves. I found the radio to find out what’s wrong with the place.
I personally have yet to use those that they already are, in the hotel perfectly. I also heard that 30-day free trial, I really looking for someone immediately.

Reboot, and it’s doing to change the location, found at last.

Clear WiMAX 30days Free

Clear WiMAX 30days Free

UQ connections in Japan use a similar service, only to complete a simple registration.
WiMAX is the simplicity of the charm of this area.

Speed, faster than using the hotel internet connection services, CES is about the same speed out of the net and use the press room.

Ease-of-service until you get here is looking forward to deploying WiMAX world.


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