Jan 112010

Lenovo is January 6, 2010, CES held a press conference the day before the opening of Skylight Books and smart, and a normal laptop, slate without a keyboard can be used as PC IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, smart phones and its LePhone did.

Skylight Books is a smart low-profile enclosure, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon as the CPU support. Not equipped with this Intel CPU, fill in the product category between laptops and smartphones are generally smart book (Smartbook) has been called.
However, the Skylight is the price at around 500 dollars, such as undervalued compared with no netbook.

Or will adopt NVIDIA’s Tegra, book smart are two different configurations from the yen is expected to be around 3 million yen.
Released in the U.S. and four from the month in 2010 will come from the companies products.

IdeaPad U1 Hyblid product, an isolated portion of the LCD netbooks.
If you use a laptop as, x86-compatible CPU (in this model Celeron) running Windows on a Tablet PC is the CPU is installed as Snapdragon, and remove the LCD part of the Linux operating system OS do.

When mounted on a body part of the LCD again, had to return Windows to sleep.
The concept is an interesting product.




LaPhone is a smartphone, seems quite iPhone-conscious products. Omit here.



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