Jan 252010

UQ Communications January 25, 2010, WiMAX / WiMAX announced that it has acquired a license for small power Repeater comprehensive.
WiMAX repeaters can be used indoors or underground and do not receive radio waves. And installation requirements are currently under consideration.

Integrated household, railroad, and is available available in separation and underground types.

Also, the number of installed base stations to 5,000 stations had also been announced. Initially, the end of fiscal 2009 were 4,000 things that Office 2009 and November 6000 the Department revised upward.
Licensed number of base stations are currently 6,559 stations today.

UQ Communications Announces Comprehensive License Acquisition for Low Power WiMAX/WiMAX Repeater
UQ Communications Announces Achievement of 5,000 Base Stations Installing and Area Expansion


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