Jan 292010

“Netbook is a cheap laptop”
“The bridge between the smartphone and laptop iPad”

Between fill products smartphones and laptops will have a feel for each user. However, Apple will recognize the above answer.

iPad is an ARM-based CPU that seems, A4 adopted processor. It looks big iPod touch. The OS, iPhone OS and the things that seem to strengthen. Software, iPhone apps are still running.
Slate PC is Windows 7 will be based. iPhone and an extension of things, and things will be quite different mouse-based user-friendly

CES 2010

The product of smart phones and laptops to fill the category, the clamshell-type laptop-style ones, such as Smartbook If the same laptop and OS might be easy to use interface. However, no physical keyboard, such as a large Slate PC and Smartphone iPad was probably easier to use interface that extends the basic touch-screen smart phone to operate with your fingers.

iPad is the iPhone experience, will be successful. Would leave the user experience even better results. However, Windows systems is Slate PC without the Windows software system would work, or how successful is unknown.
Of course, that you want a physical keyboard, Smarbook you will also have better suited. You simply believe that the e-book reader, Kindle is a better use of the device, such as electronic ink.


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