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Typically, USB type data communication module and is assuming that you use to connect your computer directly.
The router can be connected directly to a USB communication module and type. Built-in battery and WiFi, you carry the router, it becomes a hot spot. If you connect to WiFi router will handle a variety of Internet devices.
That mobile router.

Currently, three main products are as follows.

covia CMR-250
cradlepoint PHS-300

Beyond that, some were associated with external battery. Given the time of the operation are more suitable for built-in battery.

Notice that communication module that supports the Where spare batteries and battery life, charging time. Price. The stability.

It seems that many things to see and experience habit. Covia good reputation in the net like a CMR-250.
The price is 14,000 yen. Meanwhile, PLANEX of CQW-MRB 11000 yen, the price itself is cheaper CQW-MRB.
If the battery will be driving a long time, but things can be diverted using a Fujifilm digital camera, or which can be used, as well as attention to the safety of the battery compatibility.

After all, if you want to use in Japan and covia of CMR-250 is safe.


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