Feb 012011

Intel 31 January 2011, Intel announced a 6 series chipset error. One disadvantage that has 4 3GHz SATA port, the use of long-term performance degradation.
6 series chipset, codenamed Sandy Bridge of the chipset used in the CPU, codenamed Cougar Point.
This is the motherboard for the desktop (start shipping from September 1), second-generation Intel Core i7 processor (Sandy Bridge) and are used in notebook computers onboard the ship had started in mid January.

Improved product will begin shipping in late error 2. April is going to be a normal delivery.
Already pre-sold products, such as repair or replacement will be made.
There are also two 6GHz SATA ports, this is fine. A typical laptop uses only two SATA ports. The product is now shipped with this 6GHz SATA ports or using unknown.

Core i5 second generation product is expected to start adopting in February originally shipped from the processor itself, had not been sold yet. Already announced previously, the product was supposed to launch in early February, this effect in April from March’s shipment.

Such as Apple, including planning and delivery of products the company has not announced yet, about two months from ship date for the whole month is going to be delayed.

Major recall ever Intel
In 1994 Pentium
In 1999 Intel 820
In 2000 Pentium III

Intel Identifies Chipset Design Error, Implementing Solution
インテル コーポレーション、チップセット製品の設計上の問題を特定し、解決策を実施


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