Feb 122011

Nokia and Microsoft on February 11, 2011, announced a strategic alliance of mobile technologies.
Symbian and Nokia has been adopted in the future smartphone to adopt the Windows Phone. Bing also adopted and promoted by joint marketing and development roadmap, the companies in each field seems to be closely related.

Currently, Apple’s smartphone iOS, Android high market share. And Windows Phone 7. There are also BlackBerry and Symbian, Nokia is the market going to say that Windows Phone will challenge on.

In Japan, Nokia, after the withdrawal, Windows Phone 7 is not even full-scale.
In addition to Intel and Nokia MeeGo Some, such as in areas such as the tablet is also a different strategy.
This field is the world What will the next few years and a series of such large-scale cooperation.

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Nokia and Microsoft Announce Plans for a Broad Strategic Partnership to Build a New Global Mobile Ecosystem


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