May 122011

MM Research Institute on May 11, 2011 announced that Japan PC shipments.
According to the fiscal year 2011 (from April 2011, March 2010) is 14,565,000 units, compared to last year was increased by 4.7 percent.
The first half extended 17.3 percent to 7.065 million units, in reaction to government schools boom in the second half of 2009, earthquake east, and extended by the introduction of corporate customers was 4.9 percent, down 7.5 million units.

Steady year on year in the consumer OS update is due to replacement demand 7.37 million, an increase of 6.8 percent, an increase of 2.6 percent the same corporate 7.195 million. Corporations was 20.5 percent during the first half rose, decreased by 10.4% during the second half.

The market share by manufacturer, ranked No.1 NEC and No. 2Fujitsu difference 0.1 points, followed closely by 10,000 units in different units, nearly equal.
Toshiba’s breakthrough third place in the consumer market is mainly raised from the previous year rankings. Expand the market for corporate pricing structure Lenovo, the highest number of the previous year, was sixth from eighth.
Lenovo, Toshiba, Japan, HP, Sony, Apple’s results were above the previous year.

In fiscal 2011, down 3.5 percent year on year to 1,405 million units expected.

FY 2011 The manufacturer’s standings in Japan
1. NEC
2. Fujitsu
3. Toshiba
5. HP
6. Lenovo
7. Sony
8. Acer
9. Apple

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