Jul 032012


NEC personal computer, July 03, 2012, was formally announced the Ultrabook LaVie Z of 875g.
In Ultrabook inch widescreen LCD with a 13.3, Ultrabook that achieves the world’s lightest, such as housing commitment that combines magnesium die-casting magnesium alloy and lithium, such as the material also. Released on August 23. From 135,000 yen.

The battery is 8.1 hours drive time, the resolution of the LCD products, such as performance and ease of use also stuck 1600 × 900, while thin and light.

There are two models, LZ750/HS the SSD of the Core i7-3517U, 256GB, LZ550/HS is equipped with a SSD of Core i5-3317U, 128GB.
Be able to select the CPU and SSD capacity in the NEC Direct.

LaVie Z
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