Jan 292013

NVIDIA has announced a family of products that fit the opening of the CES, held a press conference on January 6, 2013, released by the end of the year, such as Tegra 4.

But vendors such as NVIDIA graphics GeForce, Tegra, etc. as well as a focus on the CPU for servers and mobile products.
It was found that often this time rather than at the press conference of new products and GeForce, product deployment will focus on a new category of them.

GRID of servers that can be provided in a cloud environment such as games.
Modem software for the new mobile CPU, and Tegra 4.
In addition, we have announced a portable game machine, such as Project SHIELD with Tegra 4.

I’m looking forward to what the future is going to grow these product lines NVIDIA.

NVIDIA entirety of the conference are as follows.



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