May 252013

May 22, 2013, held a corporate strategy meeting, Sony has been described Reinforce the Electronics Business, Further strengthen profitability in the Entertainment and Financial Services businesses, Continue to reinforce Sony’s financial foundations.

Electronics Business, Accelerate execution of updated strategies in the three core businesses (Mobile, Imaging and Game), Return the TV business to profitability, Accelerate the execution of growth strategies in emerging markets, Reinforce new businesses (such as Medical and Security) to deliver sustained growth

Regarding PCs, in view of the changes the market and business environment have undergone in the past year, the Company is implementing a strategic realignment that initially prioritizes profitability improvement over sales expansion with the aim of returning the business to profit in FY13.

Instead of earning a number of hot-selling products, it seems to continue to provide the products have high margins.

Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting FY2013


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