GALAPAGOS is not ガラパゴス




第1弾 電子ブックストアサービスを12月よりスタート


September 27, 2010 Sharp, media business cloud GALAPAGOS announced.
This was announced, only two models of terminal services and media tablet e-book store and the first in this business.

December 2010 newspaper, magazine, e-book store is scheduled to start a lineup of books and 30,000 volumes, a dedicated terminal will be on sale.
Prior to the announcement, on July 20 is the next generation of the format used in the service of XMDF briefing was held. Service announcement, revealed a summary of the terminal.

E-book services, content or how to raise, what format they use, distribution is what you do, the terminal and what’s going on, there are several challenges. Sharp contents except that trying to build a platform that can provide everything a company.

In addition, the dedicated terminal that can be seen from using the LCD can display images and movies without any problems.
Thus, not only content, such as magazines, videos and games can be. It seems the future to expand this service further.
The Android OS is the only terminal you are using a UI specific to this service has been adopted. Although there is no other Android devices, such as freedom, but the future is going to be open as well as application development.

In the future, but ePub formats, including proprietary format supported only in the beginning. Compared with other functions and recommend an automatic delivery point service evolves, the public benefit. Electronic newspapers and a few seconds, often within one minute of content that can be received even more space. Automatic delivery of content that can not differentiate their services and others are not. Taken for granted that the evolution of service other companies.

GALAPAGOS is not ガラパゴス

GALAPAGOS is often called in Japan seems masochistic. This is just the name attached as a symbol of evolution, convenient service for users of other services can not imitate the “evolution” is being watched or that.

GALAPAGOS video presentation

Next XMDF video presentation

Sharp to start first E-bookstore Service from December
with “GALAPAGOS” E-Book Reader