Windows Phone 7.5のブート速度も7に引き続き高速Following the 7 Startup speed Mango (Windows Phone 7.5)


IS12Tのブート速度を計測してみた。まだ開発中と言うこともあり、最終的な速度ではないが高速な起動で知られるWindows Phone 7と同等の起動速度を実現しているようだ。


IS12T au by KDDI
Tried to measure the speed boot IS12T. Still under development, is not the final rate. However, the starting rate to achieve the equivalent of Windows Phone 7 is known for fast starts.

This test was started about 26 seconds. Opportunity to actually cold boot little smartphone. Looking at such a good performance, overall performance can be expected.

IS12T au by KDDI