IdeaPad S300

レノボは2012年9月4日、13型液晶を搭載したノートパソコンIdeaPad S300を発表した。


Core i5-3317U
HDD 500GB + SSD 24GB
寸法 330x230x9-22mm
重量 1.8kg

IdeaPad S300IdeaPad S300

September 04, 2012, Lenovo announced the IdeaPad S300 notebook computer equipped with a 13-inch LCD.
Products with high performance cost of 60 000 yen in 9mm thinnest part.

Thin laptop, but can not replace the battery yourself generally battery can be replaced with 9mm thickness.
Storage products, such as an Ultrabook with a 500GB HDD with 24GB of SSD for fast start-up.

Core i5-3317U
4GB memory
HDD 500GB + SSD 24GB
Dimensions 330x230x9-22mm
Weight 1.8kg

IdeaPad S300