Apr 062010

Choose mobile router, the product selected communication modules to connect to the router.
In addition, the product has a built-module communication.

e-mobile Pocket WiFi D25HW

These so-called SIM locked and in other communications services are unavailable.
Of course, SIM unlocked some of the products. Except for WiMAX.

The readily available in Japan MiFi 2372. Which basically MiFi Tri-band HSUPA / HSDPA – 850/1900/2100 MHz are supported. Japan’s data communication network can be connected to technical.

Of course, Japan has a variety of authentication is necessary, a2network to start saying that because domestic sales and, things would be okay to get legal.

MiFi in the SIM card is needed, or where the best SIM?
For now, DoCoMo uses the area, the strongest area in Japan. Two-year contract, but minimum 0 + 945 yen, The highest monthly rate 945 + 5985 yenWILLCOM CORE 3G interest.


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