May 072011

Google I / O will be held from May 10, 2011. Chrome OS seems to fit it came equipped with clamshell laptop.
According to various leaks, Alex by Samsung. CPU is Intel’s Atom N550, 1280×800 display installed, 2GB of memory, 3G support.

Have been sold in Japan in the Windows-powered laptop, Netbook around 40,000 yen, then they can be a 5 million yen from 40,000 yen in the other.
Chrome OS would be the price of the product installed.

In addition, OS Chrome browser, so basic, Windows less able than others.
Of course, If more applications in the future, BTO, etc. When choosing to select or non-Windows OS, and store in Chrome OS might be more like a choice-based products. However, there appear to be in the near future.

Basic usage of thin client terminals that can store data in the cloud, as network connection is required. What about in terms of usability.
Until they are accepted by consumers, it will take time.

Samsung Alex Chrome OS netbook details leaked
Specs Samsung’s Chrome OS netbook ‘Alex’ ontdekt


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