May 092011

Apple’s MacBook laptops and, Intel CPU from ARM-based CPU has plans to migrate.But it’s rumors.

Report: Apple to ditch Intel for ARM in MacBooks
Apple dumps Intel from laptop lines

According to these information, NVIDIA at CES in January 2011 published in high-performance ARM core development planning Project Denver a few years out of artifacts, Apple’s Laptop is that it’s moving to ARM core .

About Project Denver 26mins

According to the information about the Project Denver NVIDIA has released officially, CPU and GPU with full integration, the current ARM in that it aims to become the property several times the performance of the core.

“Project Denver” Processor to Usher in New Era of Computing

After several years of Intel’s Processor performance is higher than NVIDIA’s Project Denver. But, MacBook Air performance and reasonable use, however, the long battery life, thin and light will be realized.

In addition, Microsoft is the time in Windows, ARM has announced that it corresponds to the core. A dominant share in the PC and Intel’s dominant market share in smart phones based on ARM-based’m looking forward to the future.


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