HPのSlate PCはともかく、SlateのOSはどうなるのか


TechCrunchにHewlett-Packard To Kill Windows 7 Tablet Projectという記事が2010年4月29日に投稿された。
このWindows 7ベースのTablet PCというかSlate PCは、2010年1月に行われたCESにおいて、マイクロソフトのSteve Balmerによって紹介された物。

HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion

webOSがこのようなスレートPCに適した物かはまだわからないが、少なくともHPがこれを載せてくる場合、Windows 7を使うよりはましな物になるはずだ。
すでに、HPはタッチパネル搭載PC向けのソフトウェアを提供し、数年が経過しているがiPadやiPhoneのように成功しているとは言い難い。センサーAPIが搭載されとはいえ、マウス操作が前提のWindows 7のUIを使っている以上、OSの限界や制約が一番の問題となり、iPadを越える製品とするのは困難だろう。

TechCrunch Hewlett-Packard To Kill Windows 7 Tablet Project Posted on April 29, 2010 an article entitled.
This Windows 7 based Tablet PC or Slate, which was held in January 2010 CES, Microsoft’s Steve Balmer was introduced by the object.

And the day before, on April 28 webOS have a Palm, HP has announced that it has acquired 1.2 billion dollars.
HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion

webOS, the slate for these things remains to be seen or PC. When loaded with the HP webOS, Windows 7 rather than using it will be a good thing.
Already, HP will provide a PC with software for touch screen, but then after a few years and have been successful iPad or iPhone as it is difficult to say. API and is equipped with sensors, however, the premise that the mouse over the Windows 7 UI use, OS problems and limitations and constraints the most, iPad of products and will be more than difficult.

However, its technology and webOS, then the constraints will be able to break himself.
Of course, aside webOS for smartphones, Slate (tablet) and webOS time for the development of intriguing facts are endless, iPad new form factor products such as just begun, including Microsoft’s Windows system, How will they still do not know how they turned.