May 032010

The Apple, iPad on April 30, 2010 sales, announced that it has achieved 100 million units.
iPhone to sell 1 million units, and it took days 74, iPad will be achieved in less than half the 28 days of this.

Currently, annual sales of information equipment such as computers and mobile phones are 1.2 billion mobile phone units, units of 1.5 million smart phones, personal computers have been 300 million.

iPad Slate PC to define the product and new categories, and smartphones, is positioned between the laptop and is expected to be much more than sales of personal computers.
Sales of mobile phones, a significant percentage of the budget terminal about 30 to 50 dollars. Simply can not compare, Slate PC a few years of the genre category will be hundreds of millions.

iPad sales outside the U.S., Android OS, such as employing other Slate PC that is about to be sold by various manufacturers. number of days iPad 28 million, after a few years and say the number may be considerably less.


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